foxy mustache girl (matches) wrote in thehushsound,
foxy mustache girl

selling shirts

selling a shirt.
* dance across the country 2008 tour shirt
* signed by bob
* never worn
* size small
* american apparel

# we the kings
# robot tee
# signed by all members
# size medium
# american apparel
# really soft shirt
# worn twice

# size small
# worn twice
# signed by trace cyrus

# it’s a small
# american apparel
# worn once
# signed by dblaise and gavin

sorry for the shitty webcam quality if you want better pictures just ask.
either leave a comment or email me at if you're interested.
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cute hush sound shirt
Hey did anyone ever buy the dance across the country shirt?
nope i still have it
How much for it?
that includes shipping as long as you live in the us