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Hey ya'll. I am selling some band shirts! Most of the bands are FBR, with the exception of The Almost. They're all in quite good condition, though I have had many of them for years, the ones I have had for years I didn't really wear simply because they did not fit right! Anywho, they're behind the cut :)

Preview :

I apologize for the crappy photo's. My camera isn't exactly a gem.

Fall Out Boy - Drop It Like It's Hot T-shirt
Out of all of these shirts I wore this one the most. It is still in good condition, though. And since it is evidently still available on the FBR store I'm selling it for 10 instead of 12.
Size: Adult small
Price: $10+shipping

Pig on TV T-shirt
This is a shirt from Aaron Gillespie's clothing line Pig Cloth. In veeeery good condition. Only worn once or twice.
Size: Adult small
Price: $12+shipping

Cobra Starship Bling Bling T-shirt
I wore this a few times, but it's in pretty good condition. And since this is also available online still, I am selling it for 10 instead of 12.
Size: Adult small
Price: $10+shipping

The Hush Sound T-shirt
I got this shirt a few years ago at Warped Tour, 06 I think? THS weren't even at warped tour but the FBR tent had this shirt and I bought it. Worn a couple of times, but it never fit right. Good condition.
Size: Adult small
Price: $12+shipping



One of my favorite FOB shirts, ever. From BCAUD tour. It does not fit me at all anymore, not cause it shrunk but cause I grew. It's in swell condition and totally kicks ass. I'm selling it for more than the others cause it's rare and shtuff!
Size: Medium (but it definitely fits like a small, shirt company's suck like that)
Price: $22+shipping

The Almost Piglet Will Eat You T-shirt
This shirt's cool. Doesn't fit me. It's in good condition, even though it looks wrinkled in this photo. That's because it's been at the bottom of my drawer for awhile, heh.

Panic! At The Disco Colorful Rhino(?) T-shirt
Hot topic purchase, haha. Nothing else is necessary to mention.
Size: Adult small
Price: $12+shipping

Clandestine I <3 Revenge T-shirt
This shirt is really hard to part ways with. I don't even want to talk about it. It's in very good condition. I've only worn it like, once, though, so that's why I'm getting rid of it. Someone else should lurve it!
Size: Medium
Price: $27+shipping

I am also selling this Clandestine hoodie,

In a much smaller size, a medium I believe. My camera died before I could take a picture of it, but if you are interested I can upload a picture of it asap once my camera is charged. I'm selling it for $32+shipping.

The shipping for all items is $3. I don't do paypal, because I don't have a bank account and I can't for the LIFE of me seem to figure it out or get my dad to help me, he refuses to mingle with all this internet business. BUT I assure that I have sold things online before, and I will send your package within two days of agreeing that you will buy it! If you have any further questions, leave a comment! I will screen these comments.

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