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The Hush Sound

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music news [Friday + December 28th + 2012
@ 7:29pm]

They are working on a new album :)
Also, they are on twitter now
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selling shirts [Tuesday + March 30th + 2010
@ 6:27pm]


selling a shirt.
* dance across the country 2008 tour shirt
* signed by bob
* never worn
* size small
* american apparel

also for saleCollapse )
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gold motel - stealing the moonlight [Wednesday + February 10th + 2010
@ 12:23am]

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gold motel ep [Tuesday + December 15th + 2009
@ 1:59pm]

cover art for gold motel's new ep! available friday!

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new fan tumblr for greta. [Monday + December 14th + 2009
@ 9:24pm]

follow: fygretasalpeter.tumblr.com.

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new music for the new year! [Tuesday + December 1st + 2009
@ 1:38pm]

Greta Salpeter's solo project, Gold Motel, will release an EP by New Years.

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fbr is BACK on youtube! [Friday + November 13th + 2009
@ 2:18am]

remember when ever music video/video from fueled by ramen got taken down, well thier back, heres a bunch of hush sound videos for your viewing pleasure! =D enjoy!

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Interview with Greta [Monday + November 9th + 2009
@ 12:02am]


How's it going? I haven't been on livejournal in a while but I had some news to share.

I work for Black Squirrel Radio, Kent State University's student run radio station, and I have an interview with Greta on Tuesday which will air on my radio show, Tales from the Scene, on FRIDAY NOVEMBER 13th FROM 2-4 PM EST. I'm way stoked, we're going to talk all about her new project Gold Motel and everything. I'm really looking forward to it, and if you'd like to hear it, you can at www.blacksquirrelradio.com or on iTunes under College Radio. Just thought I'd let you guys know.

Awesome, thanks so much!
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the audition show in chitown [Sunday + November 8th + 2009
@ 8:38pm]

i know this isn't hush sound news, but bob used to be in the audition, come out to a local show of thiers in chicago!

buy tickets here!

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goodbye! [Monday + November 2nd + 2009
@ 9:02pm]

r.i.p. the hush sound

they had a good run, and so did this community! good bye all! thanks to whoever posted in here over the years that the hush sound we're a band, til next time!

your moderator,

p.s. if you wanna see what i've been up to, just go to my twitter http://twitter.com/iloveblink182
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[Sunday + November 1st + 2009
@ 5:13pm]

Hey ya'll. I am selling some band shirts! Most of the bands are FBR, with the exception of The Almost. They're all in quite good condition, though I have had many of them for years, the ones I have had for years I didn't really wear simply because they did not fit right! Anywho, they're behind the cut :)

Preview :

CLICK ME!Collapse )
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[Friday + August 14th + 2009
@ 8:57am]

selling some ths stuffCollapse )
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Bob Morris designs a t-shirt! [Friday + July 31st + 2009
@ 7:54pm]


Head on over to Apparition Industries to check out a limited edition v-neck t-shirt designed by yours truly, Bob Morris. Only 55 shirts were printed, so ifya want one, you better go now. GO! GO!! Why are you still reading this? Go NOW!

x0 , colin
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Minty Summer Side Project: Buzznet Interview With Greta Salpeter [Friday + June 12th + 2009
@ 12:09pm]

You know Greta Salpeter as the precious-piped vocalist and astonishingly captivating pianist for The Hush Sound. But come this summer, you'll know her as an unstoppable solo creative force. In a moment that caused considerable amounts of fangirl glee on my part, Greta agreed to a mini-interview so that Buzznet could learn more about her side project, what it's like to create and put out a record DIY-style, and why the door is still open for The Hush Sound.

Read the full interview I did here.

I love her!
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Update on Greta Solo Album [Monday + June 1st + 2009
@ 4:09pm]


Greta from The Hush Sound is currently in Santa Fe, New Mexico finishing her solo album. The album will be done this week and will then be sent off for mixing and mastering. Follow her twitter for more updates and previews of songs.
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I'm confused. [Monday + May 18th + 2009
@ 5:11pm]


As I'm sure many of you have heard, Greta is going to record her (first!) solo album.
My question is...

What does this mean for the band?

I haven't heard anything about them breaking up, but is Greta doing this as, like, a side project and it won't interfere?
Does anyone have any details at all?
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NEW SHOWS! NEW SHOWS! NEW SHOWS! [Wednesday + March 11th + 2009
@ 7:24pm]


more will probably be added, sooooo, check here
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new Myspace bulletin [Tuesday + March 3rd + 2009
@ 10:31pm]

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sale sale sale tshirts...etc [Thursday + February 19th + 2009
@ 10:40pm]

du duuu duuuuu...Collapse )
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new Myspace bulletin [Sunday + February 15th + 2009
@ 12:45pm]

Greta's solo show on March 8th at Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles.Collapse )
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